Meizu Miniplayer Dissected

Meizu Miniplayer

Meizu Miniplayer (a.k.a Meizu M6) was getting a lot of attention since it was launched. And now, it is dissected by one of the owners. PCPOP has published some pictures of this naked Meizu Miniplayer 2GB.

Let see what is so special inside the Miniplayer!

Meizu Miniplayer

Miniplayer components together with battery

Miniplayer is powered by a 700mAh lithium polymer battery that enable it to play up to nearly 21 hours continuosly. 2 chips beside the battery are the Samsung K9K8G NAND memory with the capacity of 8Gbit each. Beside the NAND chips is the new Samsung RAM with the capacity of 128Mbit and speed of 7.5ns.

Meizu Miniplayer

Closer look at Miniplayer components

With a closer look. we may see that major core of Miniplayer is Samsung SA58700X07 200Mhz ARM9 processor, which is exactly same as the one used by iRiver Clix and E10. Another important component is the Philips 380HN DAC. It is the improved version of Philips UDA1380 DAC that provides superior audio quality. However, the weakest component maybe the Sanyo V24000 FM tuner that couldn’t perform as good as expected. Nevertheless, it can be overcome by firmware update.

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