RAmos makes chocolate?

RAmos RM650 and RM550

There is no more iPodized this time, but its Chocolized! China-based RAmos recently unleaks two new models, RM550 and RM650, that try to rip LG Chocolate styles. RM550 will be based on Rockchips 2608 solution, where else RM650 will be powered by Sigmatel 3650 solution. Both of them feature a 2.4″ 320 x 240 TFT display.

RAmos RM550 will be retailed at price RMB399 (approx US$52) for 1GB and RMB499 (approx US$65) for 2GB, where RM650 is RMB499 (approx US$65) for 1GB and RMB599 (approx US$77) for 2GB.

[ via iMP3 ]