Cowon D20 Price Announced in Japan

Cowon D20

Cowon Japan announced that the Cowon D20 will be available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB on 5th April 2013. The suggested retail prices are 11,800 Yen (~US$125), 13,800 Yen (~US$146), and 16,800 Yen (~US$178) respectively.

No surprise since first notice Cowon D20 on official Russian site. D20 is introduced as retro Cowon D2+, where the latter indeed a retro of D2. It has a faster CPU and longer battery life that housed in the same casing with same features. The 2.5″ LCD touch screen is still resistive technology. You will still play usual  MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV & APE formats audio, and AVI, WMV & MP4 video up to 480P. BBE+ sound effect is still there.

We “believe” these are efforts to optimize battery life. Cowon D20 plays audio for 90hrs and video for 13hrs. It is highly possible that Cowon D20 is made of TCC7901 + WM960G chips. If you hate to charge your gadgets frequently, choose this. But we still think it is overpriced!

[via AV Watch]

  • ben

    i pod nano 7G OR Cowon D20 ???? pls help !!! just sound quality and power output important for me !!!