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Cowon D20 Price Announced in Japan

Cowon Japan announced that the Cowon D20 will be available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB on 5th April 2013. The suggested retail prices are 11,800 Yen (~US$125), 13,800 Yen (~US$146), and 16,800

iRiver Lyumo M21 Released

iRiver Japan has announced its new Lyumu M21 to be available in store at 6th April 2012. It features a 2″ LCD screen and 8GB memory. The new portable media player is

Teclast to Introduce Retro T59?

Teclast T59 was supposed to be successor of T39, since launched on year 2007.However, T51 was introduced to take over this. But T59 plan is not died yet. It is segmented to

iRiver to Introduce U100, P100, D2000

iRiver has just published a commercial that tease us on its comeback on 2011. Three products are introduced, including U100, P100, and D2000. The new U100 is the portable audio player that

Is this iPod Nano 6?

Is it how the new iPod Nano 6G look like? Though the new iPod Touch 4G and iPod Nano 6G are not release yet, accessories for them are being sold in Alibaba.

Is this for iPod Touch 4G?

Picture above was previously published on China mobile phone community, The website claims that these are accessories for the new iPod Nano and iPod Touch 4G, manufactured by X-doria. If it

iRiver S100 Revealed

As we reported previously, iRiver S100 is now introduced in Basic and DMB version, and come with 4GB and 8GB storage respectively. Suggested retail prices are: S100 Basic 4GB 129,000 Won (approx

iRiver T8 Candy Bar Introduced

Earlier we said iRiver T8 is around the corner, now it is officially introduced with a sweet nickname, Candy Bar. This entry level MP3 player has a rounded stick design, which make