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10 Best Mp3 Players with Bluetooth


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You must agree with me that It is most times REALLY difficult finding a good, reliable and yet quality MP3 player with Bluetooth that fits perfectly within an affordable and acceptable price range just as well as be the right size and quality at the same time.

We have done the work for you, presenting you with an extensive list of up-to 10 Best Bluetooth MP3 players reviewing each one of them with highlights of their individual designs, build quality, portability, how easy they are to use, their durability, prices (e.g. Price in Nigeria), best places to buy them as well as informing you on the possibilities to expand internal memory with an additional SD Card. Just as you all may have known earlier, we always try to be as brief as possible, yet delivering the best recommendations and key notes.

TABLE: 10 Best Mp3 Players with Bluetooth

During your process of selecting the most feasible and reliable MP3 player with Bluetooth from our comparison table below, you can simply skip to their detailed and individual product descriptions using the below Links.

  1. Soulcker D16 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.0
  2. Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.2
  3. Mymahdi M260 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.0
  4. Grtdhx Bluetooth MP3 Player, 32GB with Bluetooth 4.1
  5. SanDisk SDMX28 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.2
  6. Metal Touch Button Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.2
  7. KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.0


1. Soulcker D16 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.0

Soulcker D16 Bluetooth MP3 Player

Soulcker D16 Bluetooth MP3 Player

An amazing Multi-functional MP3 Player that does not only supports Bluetooth version 4.0 Connection it crosses across a lot of features such as FM Radio feature, Picture Browsing, Voice Recording, Video Play, File browser and even great for E-book reading because it supports opening text formats), this portable player is also supports a time screen-saver, one button to lock, A-B repeat, a Built-in Pedometer Function that makes it a perfect piece for Sport Running, Traveling etc, a perfect choice for charity.

Soulcker D16 Speaker Setup

I usually admire Mp3 players with Built-in speaker, and luckily the Soulcker D16 is one of it, you can always enjoy your music on the go without headphones accessories. Just as i stated above, the Soulcker D16 possesses a Bluetooth 4.0, this directly means faster connection and transmission speed, smooth performance and high anti-jamming capability, using this player you can play your Mp3 Music through any Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset available. Using such accessories reduces the power consumption rate of the Music Player and makes thing much neater by keeping you away from cables and cords. It is also very important to note you that this MP3 is a Bluetooth transmitter and not a sort of receiver, so therefore cannot pair with phones.

Soulcker D16 HiFi Lossless Sound Quality

This Bluetooth MP3 Player in particular, no doubt has passed the professional music and sound laboratory test. It intelligently adopts professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip, therefore making sure high-qualified audio output is obtainable. It supports an inbuilt equalizer choice, be it Rock , Funk, Hip hop, Jazz, Classical, Techno and Customize-able as well. It being an MP3 player does not necessarily limits it to MP3 files only, NO, it as well Supports most of the popular audio formats you know: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, AAC but know that It’s not compatible with Itunes and audiobooks, at-least not just yet.

Soulcker D16 Usability

The player is beautifully Designed with 7 high sensitive touch screen buttons which allows easy operation and navigation by simply tapping the characters available on the screen, this therefore means you can control the MP3 Player efficiently without any slight noise, whereas there’s an independent lock/unlock and voice recording keys which prevents you from possibly confusing operations. These buttons are Customize-able to suit your taste, the can be set in blue color right there in the settings, makes them visible and easier to operate in the dark.

Soulcker D16 Playback and Storage

Music playing time takes accurately up to 53-55 hours after a full charge of 2 hours, Long battery life and fast charging. This guarantees a pleasurable travel with extremely high audio resolution. To have enough space for all your favorite files, it possess a 16GB Built-in memory allowing you store more, possibly over 5,200 songs and books as the case may be, at the same time supporting an expandable 128GB Micro SD HC TF Card. I think this should make a Nice gift for men, women and even kids.

Soulcker D16 Bluetooth/FM Radio/OTG Function

  • With its Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, You can play the music via Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker as the case may be. It fulfills everything you want in a music player.
  • With the presence of the FM Radio Function, your local radio stations can be searched and streamed automatically and easily, supporting several regions as it can as well be used for wider coverage (87.5 MHz ~ 108 MHz) using an attached earphone as an antenna.
  • This Mp3 Player Supports the popular OTG Function, it does not just end at transmitting data with PC via USB cables, it can also connect with android phones using the OTG function.
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Soulcker MP3 Player High-light

  • Built-in Speaker: You can listen your favorite music without headphone
  • Long Battery Life & Fast Charge: Up to 55 hours of playback with 2 hours of full charge
  • FM Radio: Built-in FM tuner, it supports Manual tune and Auto tune, receive the signal very easily
  • Large Capacity: Built-in 16GB internal memory, the mp player supports up to 128GB Micro TF Card, which lets you add more storage
  • Large Colorful Screen: Equipped with large 2.4″ LCD colorful screen
  • 7 Touch Buttons: You can lightly touch the button to operate the player without noise
  • Durable: Metal material case makes Bluetooth mp3 player more durable
  • Create Folder: You can create folders in PC and put the songs into it
  • Strong Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/2000/Mac OS 10
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7 V / 500 mAh
  • Screen: 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen
  • Audio Format: Support MP3/WAV/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC
  • Video Format: Support AMV with resolution of 240*320
  • Voice Recording Range: 5-8 meters
  • Picture Browse: Support formats of JPEG/BMP (240*320)
  • FM Receiving Frequency: 87.5 MHz~108 MHz
  • E-Book: Support TXT format
  • Size: 10.6 x 5 x 0.9 cm ( 4.17*1.96*0.35 inch)
  • Net Weight: about 106g
  • Power Supply: DC 5V Micro USB interface
  • Lyric Sync: Support
  • Lyric Format: LRC
  • Pedometer: Support
  • Stopwatch: Support
  • Storage Capacity: 16GB
  • TF Card: maximum support 128GB

NOTE: If by any chance the MP3 Player crashes, simply insert a needle into the reset hole section and restart the entire machine back to its working state.


2. Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.2

Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 Player

Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 Player

Berennis A30 Bluetooth 4.2 Function

Are you honestly looking for a high-end and quality MP3 player to enjoy your music at its best? Have you tried many similar products over the past but got disappointed by how low standard they were or how quickly they got spoilt? Well right now the question is would you be willing to opt-in for an amazing MP3 player with Bluetooth 4.2 version that is beautifully designed, durable and portable? The Berennis A30 is powered by the Bluetooth 4.2, this conveniently supports faster and easier connection with any Bluetooth headphones available in the market, it also reduces the system power consumption of the gadget. This therefore creates a clean connection that Keep you away from unnecessary cables.

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Berennis A30 Sound Quality (Hifi Lossless Sounds)

The Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 player has gone through and perfectly passed the professional music test run. The SNR is gives you over 110dB, and the steady output sampling rate of about 44.1kHz. Berennis A30 Music player possesses a DSP audio decoding IC, standard dual DAC decoding for an excellent sound result, Equalizer equipped with melodious presets like Rock, Classic, Pop, Jazz, Custom EQ and Electronic. The player Supports not just Mp3 formats but very many others such as: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, etc. Portable and Beautiful, a Metal designed Player with 7 touch buttons design on the screen, a One-key lock screen which stops you from mistakenly touching while playing music.

Berennis A30 Storage and PlayBack

The Berennis A30 Bluetooth MP3 player possesses a sufficient Built-in 16GB of memory storage and external card provision of up to 128GB memory, the Built-in 16GB storage space can accommodate over 10,000 songs depending on their sizes also on the other hand playback for over 30 hours with a 2.5 hours of full charge.

Berennis A30 Functions

Am happy to let you know that this player is not strictly for Mp3 audio playing only, it is also designed with an FM radio function, clock, voice recording, video play, E-book, photo Browsing and file transfer which in turn adds more value to this beautiful piece. All these functions are combined accurately into this single mp3 player, great for Sporting activities, fitness, Traveling, Running etc, it can as well be a Nice gift for men, women and even kids.

Berennis A30 MP3 Player High-light

  • Build-in speaker is included, play music without earphones
  • Simple and Sensitivity Touch Buttons
  • The 7 touch buttons design
  • One-key lock screen, avoid mistakenly touching while playing music
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Portable & Durability
  • Metal appearance
  • Built-in 16GB capacity
  • Supports up to 128GB TF Card
  • The size is only 3.54*1.5


  1. The Comes with a User Manual, Earphones(wired), USB Cable and a size-able storage bag
  2. Please en-devour to open the Bluetooth pairing mode of your headphones before connection
  3. This MP3 player can only pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers, cannot pair with phones or computers
  4. When playing music via Bluetooth, it is not allowed to go back to the main menu unless you disconnect with Bluetooth.


3. Mymahdi M260 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.0

Mymahdi M260 Bluetooth MP3 Player

Mymahdi M260 Bluetooth MP3 Player

The Mymahdi M260 Mp3 Player is an amazing Player, built for sport with clip, it is Portable and super lightweight with a wearable clip attached. The total weight of the player is about 0.7oz, the adjustable clip-on secures and holds firmly to your clothing easily to create a hands-free portability experience, you can confidently take the dream mp3 player for your morning or afternoon workouts. The Mymahdi M260 Provided a Hi-fi class sound that is very much closest to the original, bringing you a different and amazing music experience, A small theater in the pocket, see just what you would love to see, experience the richness of life, don’t miss this for anything, you deserve to have it.

Mymahdi M260 Design

The Mymahdi M260 Mp3 Player embodies a full Touch Screen, with a 1.5 inch touchscreen. With these high-sensitivity screen, you get an easier media gadget with a smooth control just like your touchscreen phone where the entire screen could be controlled by your touch.

Mymahdi M260 Bluetooth 4.2 Function

The Mymahdi M260 Mp3 Player possesses an Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 version, a Bluetooth Mp3 player that is compatible with Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset available. The Bluetooth version 4.2 provides a perfect compatibility and a much lower power consumption compared to other Mp3 Devices. A Wired headphone is needed as antenna for the FM radio function).

Mymahdi M260 Function & Battery

This Music Player does not just allows you enjoy lossless music sounds, it also supports the access of E-book, radio, FM, Stopwatch, Recording, Sleep timer and a lot more. The Mymahdi M260 Mp3 Player is equipped with an Long lasting battery, staying up to 200 hours under the screensaver state and then 18 hours on playback time with a wired earphone, it also stays for about 3-4 hours while using the video mode.

Mymahdi M260 Storage & OTG

To award enough space for all your favorite files, it possess a 8GB Capacity with an OTG Connector present, a Built-in 8GB memory that stores up to 4000 comprehensive songs depending on their sizes, with a max supports of up to 128GB External SD card. Fast download your data (image/video/music/E-book etc.) straight from your android mobile using the OTG without stress. Carefully Use the cable offered alongside the product, simply connect the OTG type to your Android device then connect the micro usb to the mp3 player, doing this will then give you the permission to transfer data or download the files from your phone.

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Mymahdi M260 Design

  1. With the presence of an attached Back Clip Design, the Mp3 Player can be easily and firmly attached in your short, armband, pocket, for clip-on design, This helps Keep your hands free when moving, walking or running.
  2. The Mymahdi M260 Mp3 Player has a 1.5 inch display and full screen touch, a 1.5in TFT color screen with 2.5D tempered glass panel which gives you an amazing visual pleasure. High sensitive touch screen makes the operation easy, gives you a great visual quality. The Full touch screen for sure makes the interactive experience an outstanding one.
  3. There is a Clock Screen-saver, it displays a clock against a black background under screen-saver state.


  1. Please en-devour to check if your mobile device supports OTG connected function
  2. The player only supports Android devices with Micro USB
  3. With Bluetooth, you could reduce the delay but speed up the transmission wirelessly, which could reduce the power consumption.
  4. Also know that this player can only pair with a single Bluetooth headphone or speaker at a time, it also cannot pair with phones or computers.


4. Grtdhx Bluetooth MP3 Player, 32GB with Bluetooth 4.1

Grtdhx Bluetooth MP3 Player

Grtdhx Bluetooth MP3 Player

Grtdhx Storage

The Grtdhx is a portable mp3 player brand that was born for music and running with pleasure. The Grtdhx MP3 Player is empowered with a unique 32GB build-in memory and also an expandable space of up to 128G TF card, the 32GB build-in memory should be enough to store more than 8000 songs depending on their sizes. You can confidently use this MP3 player as a flash drive in saving many files, music or documents. Not just MP3, the player supports multiple music formats such as MP3, FLAC, WMA, APE, WAV etc.

Grtdhx Bluetooth, FM & Other Features

The Grtdhx MP3 Player is equipped with the Bluetooth 4.1 module which has a good compatibility, speed and a lower power consumption. It powers a Longer receiving distance and automatic Bluetooth connections to help Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphones and speakers, connect to the music player easily. It is necessary to kindly note that this music device can only pair with Bluetooth speakers and earphones available, it cannot pair with a car Bluetooth device or Bluetooth on smartphone.

Grtdhx MP3 Player can record your audio activities or the music you listen to from phone, tape drive, DVD, CD and mobile phones with the aid of a designated audio cable that comes with the package, and enjoy it again anywhere you like. This is not a feature that’s possible with many other MP3 players. The MP3 player is also a portable radio with headphones. Presence of its Independent radio IC design helps the player in getting stronger signals which can easily receive your favorite radio station without breakage.

Not just a random MP3 Player but also a useful daily device. It has FM radio feature, pedometer, E-book, alarm clock,  picture viewer, music direct recording and voice recording functions. Armband and earphone as bonus, this MP3 Player is excellent gift for families and friends.

Grtdhx Design

With the design of this product, they aim at a better user experience, use of  the sensitive touch screen button to build this MP3 Player. Palm size and light weight make it easy to put into your pocket or armband and enjoy music anywhere. It is Designed with 7 screen touch Buttons, Independent Locking and Voice Recording Keys. Touch-Screen Designs and A Key Lock Screen, Fashion and Easy Operation.

Line record with HIFI and Lossless, helping you collect music from tapes CD record disc computer or phone, change them into mp3/wav form with lossless, upload them to icloud, so you can keep your favorite music forever, do not worry tape degauss or damp.

  1. Lock Button: Key lock (to avoid mistakenly operating while its not in use)
  2. FM Radio: Insert the earphone into socket, used as the antenna of FM radio.FM doesn’t work without earphone
  3. Video: supports AMV AVI format ( Need to convert through the conversion tool 128*160 size format)
  4. Compatible System: Windows7/8/8.1/XP/Vista/2000/Mac OS 10


  • This MP3 player is a Bluetooth transmitter, not a receiver, it can only be paired with a Bluetooth speaker or headset therefore cannot be paired with a phone.
  • Simply charge the mp3 player using your computer set or a universal charger that outputs “5 V, 0.5 – 1A
  • iTunes download is completely not supported

Grtdhx High-Light

  • This mp3 player dos not support OGG DRM Audiobooks
  • Please know that you need to download iTunes music to your computer before you then download it to the MP3 player through the data cable.


5. SanDisk SDMX28 Bluetooth MP3 Player, 16GB with Bluetooth 4.2

SanDisk SDMX28 Bluetooth MP3 Player

SanDisk SDMX28 Bluetooth MP3 Player

The SanDisk SDMX28 is an affordable, water-resistant and a portable Bluetooth MP3 player which allows you go wireless for even more freedom in your workout section. Its a Lightweight and durable Gadget with an attached clip which can be clipped to your clothes or gear while Moving. This is the second water resistant Player we have on our list, it features a 16GB capacity of storage space that possibly stores up to 4000 songs depending on their sizes, not just that, it also features an additional Built-in FM radio function.

You can simply Use the lightweight earphones included in the package or simply enable the Bluetooth wireless function and pair it with your available Bluetooth wireless speakers or  to experience the headset, rich bass  and quality sound without being tied down by discomforting wires.

The affordable, lightweight SanDisk Clip Sport Plus Wearable MP3 player grants you the liberty and flexibility to workout just the way you want it, relaxed in pleasure. With its durable and water-resistant design, it’s perfectly certified for a muddy mountain bike ride or even a trail run in the heavy season rain. The SanDisk SDMX28 also features the Bluetooth wireless technology which i earlier stated, this allows you pair with every other Bluetooth wireless technology headsets or speakers for wireless pleasure. Its accompanied with a 16GB Built-In storage capacity, this means a bigger space to store up to 4,000 songs depending on the sizes, it does not end there, it also has a built-in FM radio function. It’s a very myopic and small gadget, enough to clip on your clothes or workout gear, so you don’t worry about your device but focus completely on your workout.

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I’ve always known SanDisk products to be constructed to the highest standards and rigorously tested by certain music laboratories, so any moment you see the name, just know you’ve seen quality. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance and reliability of every SanDisk product. The SanDisk SDMX28 comes handy With enough battery power to last for at least 20 hours of playback on wired headset, just on a single charge, then the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus Wearable MP3 Player has every required stamina to keep up with you for multiple workouts before it demands for the next recharge.

SanDisk M260 High-Light

  • Water-resistant and Durable
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Lightweight Clip-on Design
  • Built-in FM Radio
  • Plays up to 20 Hours
  • Stores up to 4,000 Songs
  • 16GB Built-In storage


6. Metal Touch Button Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.2

Metal Touch Button Bluetooth MP3 Player

Metal Touch Button Bluetooth MP3 Player

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Functions

The Metal Touch Mp3 Player is a real sport device, the adjustable armband makes it a much convenient sport partner, you no longer feel alone when you do sports and workouts. With the pedometer function present on the player, it now becomes easy to record your every steps, calories, mileage and it is also helpful to your sports condition. The sleep timer function found in the Metal Touch Mp3 Player is dedicated to just accompany you to your dream not leaving the music behind, without any worry about wasting power.

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Bluetooth 4.2 & Record

There are protector film on the mp3 player’s screen, you can tear off it. When the MP3 player is connected to a Bluetooth headphones or speaker, you can easily navigate back to the main menu to select your favorite songs, you can as well fast forward or rewind to select a particular part of the song you desire to hear. This is not just an Mp3 playing device, No, it features a one button recording technology that can help make a voice/sound record fast with the help of just a click, this could be helpful in recording information in class or meetings. After connecting the the MP3 player to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, you can then return to the main interface and select your favorite songs to play in the music file.

Another Good news, these players are compact-able with some cars of 0000 PIN code (not with random PIN)

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Playback, Repeat & FM Radio

This device requires a simple 2 hours charge, then it can continuously play for about 65 hours. While playing and enjoying the melodies, you don’t get scared as to if the battery is not enough, this player stays for the longest duration. You can easily set and play your music files with an A-B repeat function, all you need do is touch a key, it is very convenient. You can as well decide to try the FM Radio Function, with this you can listen to news, music, story, and even more more choices.

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Lock

The Metal Touch Mp3 Player is designed with an all-metal case and high-gloss spray paint around it, with a complete-glass touch button that makes the entire mp3 player crystal clear for smooth operation. Handling the round corners of this well built, silky and comfortable feel, let you fondle admiringly. The high sensitive touch screen button found on the Metal Touch Mp3 Player presents music immediately with every single yet light touch. It’s very convenient to lock the screen by pressing the power button

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Sound & Storage

The mature Metal Touch Mp3 Player with a HiFi technology brings you an original lossless music experience. If you want to store much more songs, the expandable TF card slot which is available can simply serve your purpose. The Metal Touch Mp3 Player can support external storage space for a though,  its a PC it can support 128GB TF card (TF card isn’t included).

Metal Touch Mp3 Player Playback

  • Video Playback
  • E-Book
  • Sleep Timer
  • Alarm Clock
  • FM Radio
  • Voice Recorder,
  • One Key to Record
  • Metal Touch Button MP3 Player, Enjoy Music Easier And More Comfortable.
  • Pedometer & Sleep Timer & Armband
  • Video, support AMV AVI format ( Need to convert the resolution to 128 * 160).
  • Please note that this mp3 player doesn’t support Audiobooks.



7. KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth MP3 Player, 8GB with Bluetooth 4.0

KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth MP3 Player

KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth MP3 Player

The KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth MP3 Player Features a 8GB Built-In storage capacity with an expansion slot for an external memory card, supporting up to 32GB, this will enable you download thousands pf songs and keep them all a time. This Player Gadget plays for Up to 30 hours after a one hour full charge,  from sun rise to sun sets again, you’ll find it still playing, but about 8 hours on Bluetooth mode. Take your ears to travel with real lossless sound, i think this is an amazing option as well! With this Gadget you get a Music Player, Voice Record Player, E-book Reader and an FM Radio, all in one portable mini player.

KLANTOP 0000B Design

Its Durable, portable, Small size and super lightweight with wearable clip featured on the player, it weights about 22.5g with the size dimension of 2.48 x 1.38 x 0.59 in, it seem to be a special designed gadget for for sport and music lovers at the same time, all you need do is get the player clipped to your pocket or blouse and enjoy a whole lot of music when running, hiking, jogging, riding, or doing other exercises without any stress.

KLANTOP 0000B Bluetooth 4.0

The KLANTOP 0000B uses an Upgraded Bluetooth 4.0 Technology which supports listening to radio waves via Bluetooth, very much compatible with Bluetooth headphone and speakers with versions ranging from 2.0-4.0. Compare to Bluetooth 2.0,  this major upgrade now supports background music playback, easily fast forward/backward your music on the go, playing from playlist even under the Bluetooth mode while you enjoy a more stable and pleasant wireless music playing experience with your connected Bluetooth Headphone or Speaker.

KLANTOP 0000B High-Light

  • Music Format Supported: (MP3/WAV/APE/WMA/FLAC/OGG/AAC-LC/AA/AAX)
  • Under Bluetooth Mode only Support: (MP3/WMA/WAV/APE/FLAC)
  • Supports Bluetooth version: 2.0 – 4.0
  • Supports FM Radio: support radio band from 87.50MHZ – 108.00MHZ
  • Allows preset station and FM recording
  • Intelligent E-book Reader
  • Sleep timer function
  • Back Clip: Set your hands free most especially during exercises, you don’t get to waste extra cash on an arm-band
  • Battery: 300mAh
  • Extended Memory that can support up to 32G



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